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slightly, uummm, unhappy!

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  • slightly, uummm, unhappy!

    bonjour, first post, would just like to say hello and thanks to everyone, the info and help on this site is ludicrously tasty.
    ordered my VXR a while back was given a delivery date of 31st May give or take a few days. After counting down the days and being told by the dealer 'yeah she's on the way 2 weeks or so', 'yep it's on the ferry so about a week or so', i was quite let's say displeased to recieve a phone call a few days ago; ' i'm afraid your car has missed the ferry (must say thought that sounded quite funny), and will take another 3 weeks (this i didn't find particularly funny!).
    Was wondering if anyone had, had a similar experience? and anyone got any ideas how use could use this, you know negotiationwise like?! :wink:
    any help will be appreciated, keep up the good work.

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    Hi...and welcome!!
    As a dealer, i can confirm that on occasion a car can get left off a boat. However, as far as i am aware boats are at least every other day, so whouldnt take three weeks extra.
    Suggest that you have another word!!
    Worth the wait when you get it though!!!
    Insignia VXR, quite nippy!


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      cheers mate didn't know that!
      thanks for the help.


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        Hi chuck norris.
        Firstly, when you order the car a week commencing date will be generated; this date gives a good indication of expected delivery date. This can fluctuate, say a week forward or back depending on various factors. In your case, confirm with the salesperson the full facts; as long as you are fully informed and receive a regular 'update-call', you have to be patient. However, if there are financial implications for you as a result of this unexpected delay, then ask for something to offset it.
        This should be an enjoyable process; waiting for your VXR!