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HOW TO stop squeaking from rear !!!!

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  • HOW TO stop squeaking from rear !!!!

    Usually the rear torsion bar suspension bushes where the edges just rub against the body bracket. These are the large bushes with bolts through on outside edges of car underneath at rear just in front of rear wheels.

    There was supposed to be a tech bulletin for it.

    Cure is to spray with white grease. [Tried silicone spray. Lasted for 2 days.]

    Jack up a side at a time or on a ramp and spray from above so it runs down and penetrates. It may return so repeat.
    If left it just rubs away gets covered in dust and stops.
    Safe Driving ! Andy

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    Mine has got really bad has anyone got a pic of what i need to grease up????


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      Me too, really bad. Can even hear it over the radio :?

      Can anyone post a pic of what I need to grease please?


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        You should not use grease or anything like it as TIS2000 recommends against it. Vauxhall service centers offer a better quality ones (parts shown in newest EPC version) within warranty. I had mine replaced and problem solved.
        Blue Arden Astra OPC


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          Sorry to bring this one up, but is it possible for someone to put pics up?? This seems to be very common and any further help would be appreciated as it seems easy to have a go yourself too


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            there a special rubber grease tht does the job and wen u take thm off grind tm dwn tht wrks dne loads an nt had 1 *** bk an conmplain yet


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              is this the squeek when pushing on the back quarter/ getting in after being stood/jacking up and lowering again..... its driving me mad and i cant seem to find the offending aticle, thought it was the shock absorber.