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HSV VXR Nürburgring Edition

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  • HSV VXR Nürburgring Edition

    Hi guys.

    My name is Hal and I joined the site a few days ago; I moved to Sydney, Australia almost 2 years ago and came across an HSV (Holden Special Vehicles) VXR Nürburgring Edition or better known as the Astra VXR Nürburgring Edition back in April. I bought it the day I saw it because it was an absolute minter. I've always wanted one of these since it's release so I'm very pleased to now own one.

    The spec now is as follows:

    2008 HSV VXR Nürburgring Edition
    648 of 835 (Worldwide)
    13 of 20 (Australia)
    100,800 KMs / 62,100 miles
    Glacier White

    3" Turbo-back Cobra Resonated Exhaust w/200 Cell Sports Cat
    AIRTEC Stage 2 FMIC
    FORGE Recirculation Valve w/ Full Spring Kit (Stage Tuning)
    Courtenay Sport CDTi Modified Air-Box (Crossover Delete)
    Cobra Panel Filter
    Courtenay Sport Silicone Hoses
    Courtenay Sport Enlarged Top Hat
    Rear BCS Delete
    VXR Oil Breather Box

    18" V8 Lux Wheels (Satin Black)
    225/40/R18 Dunlop SP Maxx Tyres

    Bilstein B8 Shocks
    DAP-R Lowering Springs (-30mm)
    Whiteline Adjustable Rear Sway Bar
    DBA T2 Rear Discs w/Bendix Heavy Duty Pads
    DBA T3 Front Discs w/Bendix Ultimate Pads

    LMF M32 Short Shifter
    Full Nürburgring Heated Leather Interior/Carbon Trim
    Aftermarket 7" Touch Screen Android Headunit
    Bluetooth Diagnostic with Live Parameters via Headunit
    Innovative Digital Boost Gauge & AFR Gauge In Drivers Vent (still to install bung into downpipe for AFR)

    Absolutely Mint Bodywork (w/no rust at all, thanks to the Aussie weather)
    Removed Nürburgring Racing Decals (by previous owner - deciding whether to re-apply)
    Original Vauxhall V Grille
    Vauxhall Wheel badges
    Carbon VX and Black R - VXR Badge
    Phillips 5300k H7 Halogen Dipped Beams
    LED Side Repeaters
    White LED Interior, Boot & Numberplate Lights
    Smoked Side Repeaters

    Bi-Xenon Hella Projector Headlights
    Black/Carbon Grille
    Black/Carbon Rear Diffuser
    Glacier White Boot Strip
    White Inlay Decals for Carbon VXR Badge
    Slimline 10" Subwoofer (mounted under passenger seat)
    Slimline 4 Channel Amp (mounted under driver seat)
    Quaife LSD
    Stage 2 EDS Remap w/Dyno Tune 275bhp-300bhp

    The car had $11,000 spent on it by the previous owner, and I picked it up for around £7k. I have the original suspension, original downpipe, brand new turbo internals, original airbox with two brand new OEM panel filters included with the sale. This also included a crate of other "goodies", including some Royal Purple gearbox oil ready for the LSD install.

    I think I've included all the information from memory; I'll be sure to add some more details as I go along.

    Have a look at the pictures below which I took on the weekend after I gave it a wash. Some better more professional pictures coming soon.

    Comments welcome

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    so do your nurburgring versions not come with the nurburgring chequered flags down it?

    awsome looking motor tho pal


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      They do mate, the previous owner took them off. I'm deciding whether I should add them back on or not.

      The Aussie version's which are shipped directly from Germany, hence why the steering wheel and dials have Opel badges, don't come with the starter button or projectors.

      Thanks buddy, I'm dead chuffed with it


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        ohhh mate id stick them back on....but then again its ure car lol


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          lol I'll get the bigger mods done first and decide that way


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            yh it just looks like an arctic with out them lol what else u got planned cos from ya list got a fair few mods ent ya its like pringles tho when ya modding, once ya pop ya cant stop lmao


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              LMAO! I think the mods I've got planned I'll be happy with once they are done. I'm looking forward to the Bi-Xenons and the EDS remap, which'll run the car on standard power but with 270-300bhp (depending on the map) with the sport button on. It's my weekend toy though, I only drive it 1-2 days a week usually. I don't want it as a daily as it stays special this way and also will last a lot longer this way as well. These are super rare over here in Aus, so I think I need keeping the mileage to a minimum is even better.


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                yh i use mine as a daily as i really dont think i cud look at it and not drive it everyday at any opportunity lol yh my bro lives in Queensland, Airlie Beach, i told him to get a vxr and he got a bloody nissan warrior lol well keep us updated with ya mods and pics (we r pervs on here ) lol


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                  Yeah believe me I always want to drive it, but it feels so good to get into it on the weekend, especially when the weather is nice and warm which it usually is! That's a shame, maybe one day your brother will get one and sell the warrior lol. Don't worry I've got lots of pictures coming soon pal, you can perv away


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                    Very nice !


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                      Nice motor, if you want it to stay special I would get the original seats back in, put the Chequers back on, noticed theres no Remus on her ?


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                        Originally posted by c19urg View Post
                        Nice motor, if you want it to stay special I would get the original seats back in, put the Chequers back on, noticed theres no Remus on her ?
                        Hey mate, thanks for the comment. The seats are original (maybe they look different from that angle). The Remus was removed for a stainless full resonated Cobra Sport unit with Sports cat. Have a look at the spec it mentions all the mods.

                        I think you're right, the chequered vinyl would probably bring it back what it should look like.

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                          sorry , my bad.


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                            Originally posted by c19urg View Post
                            sorry , my bad.
                            All good bud.

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