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Rocky's Arden Blue Astra VXR

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  • Rocky's Arden Blue Astra VXR

    Well guys after all the questions and nagging for about year ....... about what spec i got to get, iam well happy well more than happy on what i got this is where the story starts...........

    traveled up with my dad to Warrington sunday 12pm to final buy the astra vxr didnt get up there till 5pm due to really bad weather + bad traffic in birmingham hate going through there.

    Anyhow got to warrington to meet matthew aka ta5mhu at his house (private deal) had my eye on this car for while was in the for sale section on here, it was also spotted too,

    was very happy what i saw, also saw his next car which was a black Monaro which was a beast of car, a bit later we then sorted the deal out.
    then i started the big journey home around 5pm, hit more bad weather and traffic outside birmingham must had everything thrown at me sleet rain,hailstones the lot but didnt stop the vxr got home in the end by 10:15pm.

    i was feeling like a million bucks driving it home even with bad weather the vxr just wants to go all the time ha ha plus i had the vxr grin all the way home was very happy chappy, so couldnt take any pics lastnight cause of weather, havent had chance to take any only some after work today in the dark so sorry for that but there be much better pics added to my post on friday when i cleaned her as she is a tad stinking at mo after doing 195 miles back to south wales!!!

    best moment was seeing my mates faces in work when i drove in this morning i always remember that cause they didnt know sod all about it

    57 Plate, Arden Blue, 19s, S&L, Cruise Control, Climate Control, Parking Sensors

    Plans are at moment is to debadge griffen badge on back & astra badge, get new tax disc holder, get the vxr badges with the R done in sparkly blue front and back, hopefully next year then tints and small sunstrip & blue conversion & also my private plates !!

    Arden Racing Edition

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    party! about time now get some pics up during the day


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      got some day pics from the previous owner of car, but would prefer to chuck some new ones on friday!
      Arden Racing Edition


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        how much did you pay fella?if ya dont mind me askin?


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          Congrats Rocky very nice and well made up for ya look forward to seeing what you do to her


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            Well done mate!! Excellent choice A man of taste
            Get some daytime pics up soon and hope to see it in the flesh soon!!


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              top job mate
              WARNING all replys are incorrect as usual


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                Wheeeey you finally got it!

                You still smiling??


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                  Congratulations Rocky! You've made an excellent choice there, looks mint! Some daylight pics soon, I hope. Enjoy it!!
                  Was TV Mag Featured Astra VXR Nurburgring Edition 353, gone but not forgotten. Current car MY15 RR Evoque Dynamic SD4 Zanzibar Bronze with Black Pack, Magnetic Ride, 20" Forged OEM Stormer Alloys, Fully Loaded xx


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                    About time - feels like you actually gave birth to this car

                    Enjoy the car m8



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                      heres some pics off her taking by her previous owner matt, to keep you all happy in the meantime till i take some pics for myself on friday!! and yes mini eggs i'm still smiling & cant belive i'm driving around in it!

                      Last edited by Rocky; 24 November 2008, 11:43 PM.
                      Arden Racing Edition


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                        you da man Rocky!!
                        STEINMETZ'D 2004 CORSA 'C' Z12XE
                        2008 ASTRA VXR
                        2003 SUBARU IMPREZA WRX STi TYPE UK


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                          cheers mucker i told you i get it in the end
                          Arden Racing Edition


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                            there was nice one for sale the other day on pistonheads in cardiff i think it was.....


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                              Congrats Rocky! I remember you dreaming of owning an Astra VXR on CCUK when you had Sam's old Corsa C!

                              Enjoy mate!