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1st Mods To My Astra VXR

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  • 1st Mods To My Astra VXR

    Well it was mental week in work as i came home last sunday with her then straight to work for the week on monday then friday finaly came took some pics off her before her proper wash this was before i started doing some mods to her so i can look back at these and see how she has changed!!!

    Fridays Pics Before I touched her

    Then Came Washing it & debadging the astra & griffen badge on the back

    Then Chucked some Vxronline stickers

    Put On the VXR badge on front grill

    Put On some VXR blue badges on the seats which i think looks the dogs B*llcks

    Saturday I then took The vaux sticky tax disc off and chucked a new one on!

    Put My Mate In The back seat also

    The Finished Results

    & thats the finished mods for now what you think people much more off a improvement!!
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    Looks really good - apart from the doll in the rear screen.
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      You did the right up very well m8

      Nice car


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        very nice but loose the doll and the blanket off back seat.
        sigpic v6 and loving it


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          I like the doll Like the little touches you've put on the seats too - very nice!!


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            Blanket gives the impression of grandparents or doggers



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              Ye like others say lose the doll and blanket mate lol. Other than that i cant really knock it because it looks exactly the same as mine. Same tax disc holder and everythin. I can't decide wether I want the vxr badge on the grill, some pics i like it some i don't.


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                He doesn't have to lose anything, if he likes then he can keep it! It all works anyway & gives a personal touch...


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                  Yeah same as Rocky... chuck the doll mate.... or give it to missy v.... bit girly and I think they're freaky!!! But if that's your thing dude...... the tax disc is coooool same as mine arden blue!! same date too....nice one DVLA ...the last one was red and clashed please don't change it!!! not too sure about the face on your v-grille either or the blanket? Hey why don't you come over to our xmas meet this side of the bridge???

                  be good to meet up........ looking good with the debadging!!


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                    Looks cool mate


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                      looks good fella
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                        Looks nice mate, unsure of the VXR logos on seats tho...


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                          Originally posted by smokinvxr View Post
                          Yeah same as Rocky... chuck the doll mate.... or give it to missy v.... bit girly and I think they're freaky!!! :
                          Lmao @ freaky...I think they're alright, so that sounds like a plan


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                            Looking really nice mate, a replica of mine lol
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                              nice job
                              love the C'MON in the back!
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