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  • clean again

    well had to give the car another clean yesterday because a bird did its duty down the rear wing.

    this is my new cleaning kit

    also to add is megs glass cleaner, sonus lamb wool mit, zymol hd cleaner,

    Took full advantage of the 3 for 2 on all cleaning products at Halfords….

    Although I didn’t finish by polish and waxing because im waiting till next weekend when I have a full day to do it and get the lead changed on the port cable, because I have a few swirls I want to get rid of and I want to use the port cable to do the job before I wax.
    I need a full day so I don’t need to rush using the polisher because last thing I want to do is damage the pain work.

    so this is what i did;
    Washed using 2 bucket method with zymol car wash and wash mit
    Cleyed the car with sonus green clay.
    Rinsed again
    Cleaned the wheels with megs all wheels
    Dryed with a Sonus drying towel
    Cleaned the tyres with megs hot shine
    Interior I used megs tech protect
    cleaned the glass with megs glass cleaner
    For the metal strip on the boot and tail pipe I used megs metal polish
    Finally I use megs quick detailer

    washed it yesterday and pics was taken this morning out side my house, after been parked there all night and most of the morning it had a slight dust covering from the traffic passing it all morning, but still looked pretty clean and shinny..

    what do u ppl think..
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    looks very good


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      V Nice indeed
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        Very smart indeed :wink: :wink: , don't these blue motor's come up a treat, I really enjoy cleaning mine, gives me great satisfaction
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          Look's very nice!! Have you had a small accident on the driver's seat??


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            Looks very nice mate.

            Certainly whetted my appetite for my impending Arden Blue !


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              lol... did think it was that must go an clean it off. lol
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                Very nice...

                But i have one question that is are you using the titanium....

                If so i didnt see the hd cleanse anywhere which you probably know is so important to the bonding process of the zymol wax due to the enzymes in it.....

                Also give the insides of the wheels a good 4 layers of titanium and i kid you not you will only need to wash with zymol autowash as they will repel brakedust and dirt so will become spotless after every wash.....
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                  Looks great.


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                    Looks amazing


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                      thankyou all for the nice comments.


                      the day after i took the picture of my cleaning kit, some more stuff came through the post, which included the hd cleaner.

                      i havent used the hd cleaner or the wax yet because im waiting till the end of the month when i have some free time because at the moment im revising at the weekends for tests that im doing every monday for the next 3 weeks. so not getting time to do the car.
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                        phew.. :wink:
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