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Help!! My 3 wks old Astra VXR died..only 1500km on the ODO

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  • Help!! My 3 wks old Astra VXR died..only 1500km on the ODO

    Help!! My Astra VXR Had died...only 1500km on the ODO..

    I just bought my VXR from GarryWarren HSV in melbourne about 3 weeks ago..
    I had this noisy hydraulic lifters coming from the engine at about 1300kms on the odo, however due to the dealer unable to source the parts needed and easter holiday coming up, I am due to book the car in on Tuesday.

    I was told to drive her easy until I can bring her in on Tuesday.
    However on Monday night she broke down. I was driving on 2nd gear and about to shift to 3rd at around 4000 rpm then the engine just decided to stop
    and I got the error message on the On Screen Display "check coolant level"

    I popped the bonnet up and found out that the coolant is empty. However the engine itself was not boiling / overheating. Road side assistance came 10 minutes later and the Road Side Assistance mechanic tried to put distilled water and tried to start the engine, however the engine just locked. It won't even cranked. We tried to jump started it still didn't work.

    We decided it must be something internal, as we could see the engine wasn't overheating due to lack of coolant.
    She was towed back to GarryWarren.
    Yesterday they told me that one of the piston had failed and they are going to get me a new engine from Germany which will take about 2 weeks....

    My question is...
    Is there a way to check if they indeed gave me a new engine or if they just replaced the piston / fixed it ?
    The car being so new and i am left with a loan car for 2-3 weeks, I think this is not good enough, is there anything can be done about this ? Should I accept the engine replacement or should I demand for a new car ?

    My mate reckon I shold be able to get a new car, the reason is that even though they changed the engine (assuming they did) the engine mount wouldn't be as good as it was since its already bed with the previous engine. Also the car is only 3 weeks old....

    Any helps/ thoughts would be much appreciated.

    Daniel :wink:

    *SORRY WRONG PLACE TO POST THIS THREAD * if mods could move/delete this thread thank you.

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    There should be an engine number unique to the engine. Check it, it might be on your documents. If you cant find it ask the dealer for it. Maybe then, the dealer will realise you intend to check and might not try any finny business, if that is youre hunch. And then of course you can check afterwards!

    And Mods this needs to be moved :wink:


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