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Timing belt issue

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  • Timing belt issue

    Hi all. Iv changed my timing belt and waterpump.
    i have lined up the cams and crank and now the car runs rought.
    what should i do.
    would the tensioner pully do this as i had issues lining the tensioner marks up?

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    You’re supposed to turn the tensioner anti clockwise to apply the correct tension I’d probably re time it up and try this and just get the marker lined up properly

    here are some videos as a guide if you haven’t already sorted it


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      As above but one other thing is did you remove the cam pulleys from the camshafts ?

      Reason I ask is the exhaust pulley has a location pin in the camshaft end and a boomerang shaped slot in the exhaust pulley if you took the pulleys of it would be very easy to align the exhaust pulley wrong

      It's made like that because the pulley fits more than one engine
      2009 Astra H Vxr arden blue uprated gearbox endcase with bigger bearings, 3" cobra catback non res with toyosport 2.5 double decat, mtc crossover delete and tophat

      Planning to go stage 3/3.5 eventually


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        Jamesvxr20 ill give that a go.
        andyb712 no i didnt takeand cam pulleys off.

        I just dont get why its playing up never had a issue last time i change the belt


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          Everything lines up. Car is still not right enigne light comes on and the code 030201 and 030001 comes up. I pit new plugs in amd a new coil pack. Im out of idea's.
          maybe injector loom??? But cant find a loom anywhere


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            I take it those codes came from a pedal test ?
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              Yes from a pedal test


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                Does everyones elses timing marks line up spot on woth the factory ones?


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                  Any update?