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I love my VXR but...

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  • I love my VXR but...

    Im the proud owner of a 14 plate Astra VXR and absolutely love it.
    I cant say the same for Vauxhalls customer service though! I came to this conclusion after an ordeal with trying to sort out what i thought would be a simple warranty repair job as i have the lifetime warranty.

    Both sun visor mirror covers had snapped off so took my car into my local Vauxhall dealer to see about getting this repaired. I was told this was a common problem by another Vauxhall dealer.
    So after discussing the issue with an employee at Vauxhall, i was told that i technically did not qualify for the lifetime warranty (Even though i showed him the warranty reactivation paperwork ) Just to add, i bought the car from an approved Vauxhall dealership with this warranty agreement.
    The dealership i took my car to said even if i did have this warranty i would not be covered for this type of work as trim is only covered for 1 year. I was about 5 months out of this time window. The joke is, the whole sun visor has to be replaced at a cost of £93 each plus fitting as you cant buy the mirror covers by themselves so it really wasnt something i was prepared to pay considering i just spent £24k on the car! Even if the covers cost £1 each I still wouldnt be willing to pay due to the principle of it all.

    After multiple phone calls and lots of time wasted i finally managed to get the work complete under warranty. As much as i love the car, I would now think twice about buying another Vauxhall just as a result of this whole ordeal.

    My partner has a mini and have taken it into the local dealer multiple times for warranty work and has always been a brieze. Never any questions asked, just done with awesome customer service.

    Hopefully just a one off bad experience but what ive heard from others casts doubts.

    Has anyone else been through a similar experience with warranty work?

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    I'd say there's probably a fair few that have but personally I've never had problems with getting warranty work done
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      thats good to hear. hopefully just a one off bad experience. will try a different dealer next time


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        I've had customer care on speed dial for the last 2 years!!!

        All I can say is if you get the right person it's really is painless BUT if you get someone who's not upto speed or is new to the company it can be the most frustrating thing ever.

        This isn't just a Vauxhall thing as in my experience it's across the board.

        What I do is write down individual names and always without fail asked for the good ones, I've even waited till there back from there holidays.

        I had to ring a month back as I had a good will voucher and had to use it (bought pads now) and I had 1 guy say yes I can use it against tyres and the dealer being told no I couldn't, so phoned again to check and got the same guy and he said I could so I asked to be transferred to whom I normally speak to, to find she's been moved (promoted) but I spoke to someone else who was very knowledgeable and knew my history.

        Turns out dealer was right and I'd wasted nearly 1 hour sorting this.

        Like I said its industry wide and customer service in this country is shocking.



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          Never had an issue, car has not had any warranty work done in 3 years

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            I agree that sometimes you can just get a bad experience from one particular garage, but I think this issue just seems to be a little more widespread with Vauxhall. I ended up having to go to a different dealership who were still difficult about the issue.

            And Lee, you've kind of summed up by saying you had to call again to get the "right person". You shouldn't have to do that! But I understands it happens. Just more with some manufacturers than others.

            Vauxhall should be making sure the same standard of service is provided throughout all of its dealerships. I know there will always be dealerships which slip through the net, but it's just seems that Vauxhall are know for bad customer service and really wish this wasn't the case as I love the product. I've been to several mini dealerships and the service department has always been outstanding. You arrive, there's a fridge full of drinks and your kept up to date with every single stage of the work. You even get a video of the technician who'll be working on your car showing you the condition of the vehicle before and after. I go to Vauxhall and I get 3 Vauxhall members of staff trying to tell me I don't have a warranty which is just shocking. Just a shame the mini isn't matched in performance/looks as the Astra otherwise I'd be selling tomorrow!

            I just hope Vauxhall up their game when it comes to these issues, as I've read some real horror stories when it comes to larger repairs.


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              I guess that's why you've never had an issue


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                Its all down to your dealer ,mine has always done work without hassle just had to wait for parts to arrive what can be frustrating if on back order


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                  You seem to of got someone who doesn't care, if you get a nice person then you'll be okay..

                  If you ever need any more work doing (hopefully not) then just hope you get a nice person. I wouldn't let this experience put you off owning a Vauxhall, they're great products.


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                    Hopefully not, just the sun visor mirror covers so nothing which is going to stop me driving. Think the engine and gearbox is pretty bullet proof on the Astra so not expecting anything major to go wrong. I do absolutely love the car though so I'll try and stop my complaining.


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                      Originally posted by vxrjono View Post
                      Its all down to your dealer ,mine has always done work without hassle just had to wait for parts to arrive what can be frustrating if on back order
                      +1. My dealer has never refused to do warranty work, and I've bought 22 new cars from them over the years. Waiting for parts can be frustrating but I recently had to have a new rear bumper fitted because of accident damage. Took the car in on the Monday midday, and it was ready to collect midday on the Friday - and they did a first class job of the painting!