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Astra GTC VXR Steering whine

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    Guys, 2 days ago I replaced gearbox oil in my Astra and .... I only drained 1.7 litre so I was happy to pour in the whole 2.4 litre of fresh Miller's. It was easy but my smile was taken out the next morning... A little bit of oil spilled on the floor, bottom of the trans is soaked up, under chassis brace is also covered in oil....
    I inspected the sides and top of the gearbox but all clean.
    My only suspicion is the new oil drain plug, it has the washer while the original one didnt. My question is, is F40 (manual) supposed to have a washer? I also tightened the plug using torque wrench set to 50 Nm.


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      Hey big Luke,
      Just wanting to know how you went with the oil leak.
      My car goes in for trans oil replacement as soon as my mechanic gets off holidays and don't need the same mistake.



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        i had steering whine....topped up the steering fluid and bleed the steering job done....cant understand what the gearbox has to do with the steering rack as they are feed by different fluid. but correct me if im wrong... finished fixing up a astra j vxr afew months ago after buying it from copart with a smashed steering rack and rear axle.


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          Killergibbo You are completely correct, the noise that many people, including myself, start off diagnosing as a steering problem is actually the limited slip diff plates complaining.
          The F40 gear box by itself is supposed to be a fill for life box, however the Astra VXR/OPC is fitted with a plated LSD and this stresses the oil to a point that the LSD begins to whine.
          If you get to replace the oil before to much damage is done then you can continue to replace the oil on a moderate schedule and have a great life from your LSD.
          However like said, many people first hear as steering not knowing it is LSD.