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Gearbox oil for gtc vxr

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    Haven't had any experience with Fuchs box oil. Many on here recommend but I can only go off what I've used and the millers is great stuff


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      Guys, 2 days ago I replaced gearbox oil in my Astra and .... I only drained 1.7 litre so I was happy to pour in the whole 2.4 litre of fresh Miller's. It was easy but my smile was taken out the next morning... A little bit of oil spilled on the floor, bottom of the trans is soaked up, under chassis brace is also covered in oil....
      I inspected the sides and top of the gearbox but all clean.
      My only suspicion is the new oil drain plug, it has the washer while the original one didnt. My question is, is F40 (manual) supposed to have a washer? I also tightened the plug using torque wrench set to 50 Nm.