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Low power on my Vxr

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  • Low power on my Vxr

    Hi all, need some advice/help, I have a 2013 Vxr, I have done the following, front pipe de-cat, airtec airfilter kit, turbosmart kompact recirc. I have taken it to my local garage for a remap, the put it on a Dyno run and at the crank it only pulled 282 bhp after a remap, about 244 bhp at the wheels. To me this seems well low. Any advice as to why this may be? Cheers in advance.

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    Hi ,had my precat deleted with enhance performance front downpipe fitted together with ramair panel filter ,stage 1.5 rabbid remap made 312 bhp so something ain't right with yours


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      Hi whassupjoe, that is where I was thinking my car should be at. Am hoping that I have a small issue and can resolve it easily. It's just annoying as there doesn't seem to be any issues. It's not got any EML light or codes. It's like it's just low on the power.


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        Yeh definitely something wrong ,I would say it could be a poor map on it ,which company did the map ,I would recommend a reputable tuner ,rabbid , Courtenay,RnD Motorsport etc


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          I agree with the above , its a crap map pal , I had a generic elite map on my old J with 2nd cat delete , filter etc and went like stink