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  • Vxr astra j

    Just bought this car, 51k miles on a 13 plate and gears sound bit clunky 1 to 3rd. Normal?

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    It’s normally only 1st to 2nd the rest are fine, fitting a short shifter will help as it did for me.


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      unfortunately the gearbox on the astra J is not the best , even from new they were noisy and gear changes could be ropey , as above and you could try some decent box oil , fuchs titan is a good one


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        Hi,whilst the gear box is rated as a lifetime fill, in this application with the LSD as well it definitely isn’t ,i recently acquired a 13 plate with 37k and did the gearbox oil after a month of ownership as gearbox clunky and noisy. The oil that came out was very overused and quite metallic. Careful not to overfill, 2.8 litres and remember the gearbox doesn’t fully drain, so you only need to add 2.5 l. It’s worth changing the fill and drain plugs at the same time....and get a 1 m length of tubing and a funnel, that means u can change the oil without removing the battery and ancillaries to get at the fill plug. Gear oil change has transformed the box from crap to averagely Vauxhall even though it isn’t actually a Vauxhall box. Once you’ve done it, it’s probably worth repeating in three months if your oil is as dirty as mine was, an then do it once a year...that’s my plan anyhow. I don’t have anything against a short shift kit, but I can’t see it during your problem.....theo8l works really hard with the lsd....I used Vauxhall s own gearbox oil, I bought a full suite of service items and they knocked 30% off the price without me even asking