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New boost control solenoid

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  • New boost control solenoid

    Hi all,

    I am having low Dyno readings, of about 256 bhp, I have put on the car, the airtec airfilter filter kit, the turbo smart recirc valve, and de catted the first exhaust downpipe. I was expecting more on the Dyno run. Has anyone changed their boost control solenoid? Heard that this can be an issue at times. If so do you have a part number? Or anyone know where to purchase them from, other than Vauxhall?

    Many thanks

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    Have you had the car mapped to accommodate the different breathing requirements of the mods? Performance upgrades generally don’t work well with the standard set up, as they aren’t matched. If you had a faulty solenoid, I’d expect a fault code to accompany the problem?


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      Hi james123,

      thanks for your reply, I have had the car remapped, but that was done prior to doing any of the mods. Do you think it's worth remapping the car again? Now I've had the mods done?