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Astra J Poor Lighting (HIR2)

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  • Astra J Poor Lighting (HIR2)

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this and apologies if this is an old topic.

    I have a VXR Astra J. I replaced the HIR2 bulbs with Led's but they were worse.

    I have just tried an HID kit which the car wont register them

    Has anyone upgraded their bulbs as the standard halogen are rubbish?

    Thanks lee.

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    Hi...I acquired a J about 3 months ago, I replaced the dull hir2 bulbs it came with as one was really dull, the other had a blue wrap around it. At great expense, I replaced them with ‘osram’ / Sylvania bulbs, they are definitely better, but still roads and motorways with missing cats eyes are a nightmare....I did look at some leds, but couldn’t find a homoglated version that was actually legal..... not sure if it’s possible to find a second hand xenon lamp set...but that may be an option.....good luck!


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      Looking for the same answers myself at the moment. Had mine about 6 months and don't really ever drive much at night, but I needed to use full beam a couple of days ago and I was astonished at how poor my headlights are. They are so bad I would consider them dangerous and I'm amazed they got through an MOT tbh. I've checked the bulbs and they have Philips 9012 in there. They look a nice shade of white but put almost no light onto the road ahead.

      Been looking into HID kits but as far as I understand they are not road legal.

      Spotted a couple of people online with trouble fitting the HID kits just had the polarity wrong, something like the retaining clip on the cars connector is on the wrong side, turning the plug around/swopping the wires over might make them work?


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        The canbus system in the astra j gtc/vxr is to smart for the hid kit I had bought.. so is their a hid kit that works as mine power on and switch off straight away.