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EML coming on after decat

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  • EML coming on after decat

    Hi guys,

    Just wondering if anyone can offer any advice, I had a decat fitted on my vxr a couple of weeks ago. The EML came on the following day, took it back and had it cleared via diagnostics with my mechanic stating it was due to the decat being on.

    Within 10 minutes it came back on again, he advises that on the civic type r's that have had decats fitted they use spacers on the sensors which solves the issue and the light stays off.

    Has anyone else had this issue on their vxr and if so what have you done to solve the issue?

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    Either map the car and have this mapped in as well or spacer - personally I would have just run a sports CAT myself



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      Corsa vxr has the same problem when decatted. You can buy an angled coupling/spacer for them which screws into the decat pipe first, this seems to solve the problem in most (but not all) cases. Take a look on the corsa d section as many posts deal with this issue. The part itself is available on ebay for only a few quid. If it doesn't solve the problem you will need to have the chip reprogrammed.


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        Thanks for the responses, a sports cat probably would have been better in hindsight.

        I'll have a look in the corsa section, thanks again.