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  • Missfire

    The cars misfiring at high revs in 3rd n 4th, I’ve serviced the car, new plugs etc, no warning lights. The car was mapped stage 1, it went into Opel for new actuator sensors and hasn’t felt quite trght since. Before I shell out to have it re mapped is there anything else that could be causing this?
    Arden Blue, Stage 3, Thorney Motorsport tuned, 304BHP

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    im having the same problem, I just put on a new intercooler and now its misfiring end of 2nd gear, through 3rd, 4th & 5th?
    its due in for remapping, do you think that will sort my problem? anyone?


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      I have the Siggi with the same engine, A20NFT.. had a similar problem where mine misfired in Cylinder 3, and happened a few weeks after replacing all spark plugs.. also, I got dtcs P0010..

      Problem was a faulty spark plug.. replaced all and problem was gone.

      Hope it helps..


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        First thing to do is put old plugs back in assuming you haven't thrown them away. Had a problem years ago when new plug 's insulator dropped down when idling but ran ok at speed. Having said that did you or the garage check the gap? Also are the plugs the same or have you changed brand or temperature range? Check with remapper that has done yours to see if they recommend any changes to standard.
        Good luck.