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HOW TO replace spark Plugs

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  • HOW TO replace spark Plugs

    Decided to swap plugs out as car has been a bit hesitant mid range recently , probably not the plugs but worth doing to rule out before going to dealers. Plus I still think plugs need doing more often than the 80000 miles that seems to be the norm these days. Looked on here for a how to just in case it was tricky. Couldn't find one so thought I would knock one together whilst doing it. Turned out pretty straight forward.

    Step 1 - Remove plastic engine cover - see attached photo

    Cover is held on by 4 lugs that push into grommets in the cover 2 front and 2 rear feel around under cover for lug locations and simply pull up gently as near to these points as you can as cover is fairly flimsy. You will be able to tell when you are close to one as there will be less flex.

    Step 2 - Remove wiring connectors from coil packs - See attached photo

    There are four of these as coil packs are individual for each cylinder. Push back the grey clip at the top rear of the connector then using a small flatblade screwdriver lift the black clip visible at the top of the connector between the coil pack and connector and slide the connector off. Do not force , if you have it right it will come off easily.

    Step 3 - Remove coil Pack

    Clean out any dirt from the area before removal of coil pack or plug as you don't want this falling into the cylinder.
    Undo the 10mm bolt securing the pack to the head and gently pull out of the head.

    Step 4 - Remove Sparkplug

    You will need a decent spark plug socket with rubber insert to hold plug in the socket , it makes life a lot easier. A medium extension for your ratchet should easily cover the depth the plug sits in the head.

    Step 5 - Refitting

    Reverse of removal but remember head is aluminium so don't force plugs in if they are hard to start in the threads. You should be able to get it to take by hand and only finish off with ratchet.
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