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Bottom steering tailing arm ball joint

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  • Bottom steering tailing arm ball joint

    Hi all looking for help, n/s/f bottom trailing arm knocking, on the face of it king pin to pull out from the bottom, wishbone bolt to remove and then 2 nuts, couldn't separate the arm from the stub, stripped further, stub removed, still won't separate, the head of the bolts / stud have a Allen key but I can't budge and the new part is not threaded, any body any idea how it comes apart. Got pics if needed

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    Just did this last night on the rally car. Those two studs with allen key heads - they are splined where they go through the arm. We put the nut on, left a few mm gap, put a socket over it and bashed it with a 2lb hammer. takes a fair bit of vigor but it will move. As it moves, back of the nut to give you more room. For the last bit, use a drift punch. The king pin is on a long spline as well. Best to take the hub of and remove the bearing so its easy to work with. Take out the torx screw for the king pin, then a slide hammer attached to the centre thread on the king pin - 8 x 1.25 I believe - will extract it.