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Wheel corrosion thread?

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  • Wheel corrosion thread?

    Is it possible for all that have had wheel corrosion issues to post on this thread with:

    Dealership you dealt with

    Approximate date (I don't think it's right to ask for vehicle info)


    Any other relevant info.

    I ask for this as my local dealership 'Eden' are more than likely to refuse me new wheels and I would like to be able to show a) the common fault b) the common outcome

    Also this could be good for anyone who has to approach Vauxhall on this subject in the future.

    Please refrain from posting if you haven't suffered this issue.

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    Had mine refurbished by Tony levoi under warranty (inc respray), wheels where done by Alloy Art (Rochford, essex) could've had new wheels but opted for refurb instead as I knew this would be better.

    June 2014 had them done and no problems at all.

    Toomeys southend know of the problem as well.

    You really shouldn't have a problem getting these done/replaced as there's plenty of threads on the matter.

    These type of diamond cut wheels (as a cnc turner I hate that word as its nothing of the sort) are affecting every manufacturer and I can see fairly soon these type of wheels will no longer be available.

    Change your dealer and try someone else