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  • dv question

    going outside to put my stop end on inplace of my dv but how do you re-do the piping to get rid of that t-piece near the air circ - any ideas again do you just take off the dv pipe and reconnect sort of speak haha

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    ...all sorted - gave the panel filter a dusting down too - reason i took DV off was because it wasnt making a noise at all, anyhow changed it over then had a look at the DV and their was a big hole in the tubing so no wonder, although glad to have it off as i am hoping for some better throttle response from this woooo

    should anyone want it
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      ... throttle response is so much improved after i switch dv for stop end - i noticed their was a hole in the small piping quite a sized to so no wonder it wasnt whossing haha - glad its off actually yay haha