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  • stupid question!

    This is going to be a stupid question but is lowering the car going to void my warranty?

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    On parts that could be affected by the lowering - yes



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      Im so tempted to lower it but dint want to void it


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        The VXR is hardly an offensive height as standard; in fact if anything, its probably too low - the underside of my front bumper was scuffed to hell before I sold mine. The other thing to consider is that the VXR doesn't have a great deal of travel at its standard ride height - I managed to bottom mine out a fair few times, something I've not managed in the ST at all in the last 7 months.

        Cons: Bumpier, crashy ride, more damage to the underside of your car (front bumper no longer clears curbs, speedbumps become a problem etc.), accelerated wear of shocks and potentially other suspension components, and you end up about £300-350 down by the time you've fitted them and had a proper 4WA.

        Pros: None.

        No they don't really make your car handle any better - the reduced body roll may offer perceived improvements, but I very much doubt that lowering springs alone will allow you to physically take a corner much if any faster.

        If you want to make your car faster, that £300 would get you a set of braided lines and decent brake pads
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