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random Knocking from the Gearbox

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  • random Knocking from the Gearbox

    hi guys

    getting a little worried and need some help lol. when i change from 1st to second you can hear a judder noice coming from my gearbox until you pull the clutch back up?? my other half swears you can feel a knocking through the passenger footwell aswell when your changing gear. ive also noticed you can hear it clunk into gear when your driving. it feels fine but just the noices are a little worrying. do you think it could be a mount or something?? thanks guys any help would be great x

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    hmm strange that dude.. i seem to get that knockin noise aswell..


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      Corsa and astra Vxr gearboxes do tend to be a bit noisy, it's just how there made. The noise with the clutch pressed in can't be gearbox as the clutch is disengaged with the gearbox. Gear oils may need checking. U haven't had it long, isn't there a warranty on the car?

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        Does it only do it after you re start the engine and only the one?? It could be the abs self check as thats like a knocking, about 6 or so little knocks.


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          i can hear it after i start the engine but my partner swears he hears it all the time?? really clunky aswell sometimes?