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Broken front spring passenger side.

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  • Broken front spring passenger side.

    Missis tash has took her baby in today for its annual service, car registered on Aug 07 and just turned 20,000 drivin miss daisy miles. Anway she has been told the front passenger spring has gone and it will be just shy of £300 to change Just the one i believe. Anyway missis tash has told them to jog on.

    Question time.
    1, Is/should it be covered under warranty.

    2, if not, where can you get a pair of front springs from and how much.

    3, Is anyone doin any offers on lowered/normal springs and where.

    4, the tinternet keeps bringin tashyboy back to a janspeed offer on ere ( a year or so ago). spoke to um and a guy called Jonathon Leach was mentioned are janspedd still doin anything.

    5, Missis tash is 48 and should the occasion arise she wears her baseball cap the right way around, no traffic light bon outs from her. Anyway would she notice the 40mm lowering differance.

    Many thanks tashyboy.

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    Where are you from? I have a full set of Corsa VXR Shocks and Springs here with 4,000 miles on them... You can have them for free if you come and collect them. Located in Bristol area..


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      Lawro yer a gud man, tashyboy is rackin his head on how he could get down to bristol, what with me bein on 12 hours days til a week on friday and flyin to egypt 2 week today. Ave just rung missis tash and she tells me.

      Its sorted, there covered under warranty.

      I could friggin scream, I'm bustin a gut to get her sorted, coz she's rung me up frettin about payin out 300 spots plus a service and shes friggin sorted. She'll be sorted when I get home.

      Big tashyboy bless ya luv ya squeeze ya from the tash.

      Am sure that someone will pm you about them springs.


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        Tashboy and miss tash sound like two happy tashes


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          Wanna be carefull talkin bout yourself in third person content!!!


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            LOL, This bloke is a legend...


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              Originally posted by TommiVXR View Post
              Tashboy and miss tash sound like two happy tashes

              Corsa with all vauxhalls factory fitted extras and stage 4 mods+more..