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Air Con pipe replacement

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  • Air Con pipe replacement

    Hi all

    1st post on here.
    Been lurking for a couple of years since I got my VXR.
    I must be one of the luckier ones as I have had minimal problems with mine (touches wood), probably as it was an ex-demonstrator and must have had everything sorted before I got it.
    I had the Thorney treatment (stage 2 re-map, panel filter, full Miltek etc) 18 months ago and it has been fantastic (touches wood again!).
    Up until now all I have had is the usual squeaky doors, but good old WD40 sorts that out for a few months.
    However, a while ago I was struck by the dreaded split A/C pipe.
    Car went into dealers for warranty replacement. I was told that they would have to order a pipe in from Germany as they did not have one.
    After 2 weeks and a couple of calls I was told that the pipes were on back-order and it could be 7-10 days.
    I have now been waiting 5 weeks for it
    After a few more calls I finally got someone who was willing to dig a bit deeper. They finally got back to me and said that there has been a problem with the supplier (I'm not surprised with the cr*p pipes they produce) and they might have to find a new supplier - WTF!!!
    They have insisted that for it to go through the warranty repair they can only use genuine GM supplied so I cannot source one from somewhere else so I have to wait until they can get hold of one.
    I am now really P****D OFF!! especially in this humid weather.

    I have read loads of previous threads on the A/C pipe replacement but I haven't seen anyone having problems with pipe availability (unlike the wheel bearings).

    Has anyone else found this recently or are my dealers fobbing me off?!!

    I really need to get this sorted soon so I can enjoy the rest of the summer, plus I will be selling the car towards the end of the year.



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    Touch wood mines fine so i've not had any issues but i've seen a few threads on here when people have had them replaced no problem at all?

    Have you tried an alternative dealership?
    Corsa VXR Arctic Edition


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      The reason I stuck with this dealer (Sewards) is that they are one of Thorney Motorsport's official performance centres so there are no issues with the Thorney Upgrades and warranty etc.

      I have just looked on the Thorney website and there are a couple of other dealers in Southampton which isn't too far away that are also on their list of performance centres. I will give them a call and see if they might have the parts to be able to do it.

      I'll report back if I get anywhere or not.



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        You could try Eden Vauxhall in Fareham as well as they r also Thorney Performance centre.


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          take the aircon off mate,as delboy would say aircon is for wimps.


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            Just tried 3 other dealers and they have all said the same.
            All dealers use a central database for parts supply and if Sewards didn't have the parts they would have tried to locate it at other dealers.
            If it is on back-order it means that all dealers will be in the same position.

            This really SUCKS!!

            I have a 520 mile trip to Leeds and back soon and that is gonna be uncomfortable without aircon! Don't fancy all those motorway miles with the windows open. The sound of the Miltek is a pleasure but the draught is a pain!!