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Flat spot?

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  • Flat spot?

    Anyone else get this?

    After the car has been sitting a long time i.e. over night, I'll start it up and the revs are on about 1000 tick over, which is as it should be, I'll then open the gates and mess about getting in the car-seat belt-etc., by that time the revs drop down to the normal tick over of 800'ish.

    I then pull out of the drive and start driving up a slight hill, I'll change into second and then accelerate lightly...but that's when the flat spot's almost like there isn't enough fuel getting through and it holds back, when I then change up to 3rd it seems OK!!!

    It's only that initial first cold start, if I do it again a few hours later it's fine, almost like the fuel has drained out of where it should be over night.

    Any thoughts? It's a 10 plate if that makes any difference!


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    Yes, I am on a 59 plate, but it seems to happen to me on 1st gear, and just like you if the car has been sitting overnight - if its restarting say after sitting there for 2 hours it doesnt happen.

    As it doesnt happen everytime I drive the car I just figured its me being ham-footed, but now I am very curious!


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      I get it toooo !!! Avo mate and mines a 10PLT also


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        It was something that was picked up as a common occurrence on the corsa mate, mine does it not helped by the remus drone that it causes!
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          Mine does too


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            OK cheers guys, as long as I'm not the only one