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  • Help me please!

    Hi, having a bit of a problem with my car.
    a few weeks ago i had the 2nd decat fitted and the car was running perfect, a few days ago i decided to change the map on the car using the eds ipf unit.
    i plugged it into my laptop and it came up with something saying i had to upload an update from the eds website, which i did and then loaded it onto the car as it said and then thats when the car went into limp mode, i never loaded a new map and for some strange reason all the map choices have changed on my ipf, i have about 6 or 7 choices that have nurburgring in the title (is that not just the astra just now?)

    i have been in touch with regal and Karen is trying to help me out but just thought id ask on here if anyone has had this strange experience or knows how to solve it or why it has happened?

    any help would be very much appreciated.


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    I'd leave it up to Karen mate.. she knows what shes on about..

    But I'd keep pestering her if I were you.. things get forgotten...........


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      lol yeah i will do mate.
      i cant live with it being this slow, its almost dangerous .