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Vxr Suspension (rear)

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  • Vxr Suspension (rear)

    Has anyone had any problems with there suspension?
    Im sure mine is creaking over even the smallest bumps? Sounds worse when i first drive off then gets slightly better. Any ideas? Or similar issues?


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    Is it like a tiny squeek squeek squeek when you go over small bumps in the road? I have this exact thing all the time, it's a VERY annoying sound and it comes from the rear driver's side. Not had it looked at yet but think I will have to soon as it drives me nuts! Can't hear it with music on though but that's not the point!
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      I have the same thing and mine is going in to vx tomorrow so i will let you know if i know what it is before you guys get a chance to take it in, its really annoying lol


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        my car went in today and i have been told its the shock absorbers and the rear breaks need cleaning out and something else they are not sure on yet but are going to sort it out lol hope this helps!!


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          is it it under warranty?

          I had mine in but i couldnt afford for it not to be under warranty so couldnt let them carry out the work.

          let us know mate


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            mine are shot too they have been leaking for ages! there about 180 for the pair from vauxhall. need to get them before my first mot in nov!!


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              Be getting mine checked out asap then as only had car 2 months, should be covered by my network q or warranty?