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Bluefin vs EDS

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  • Bluefin vs EDS

    Hi guys

    I'm looking to re-map my SRi 1.6T and was wanting to know who to go with either EDS from Regal, Bluefin or my local superchips dealer for them to install it????

    Any help greatly appreciated

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    I had regals software with full bastuk exhaust intercooler hardpipes ect ect and i popped two engines also when the cruise control was on it was boosting on and off very annoying (jerky) i've stripped everything off bought a bluefin and its a dream compared to regals much more power down i've just bought a 3" piper with 200c sports cat then on to the forge intercooler bluefin all the way mate trust me i've tried both


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      Cheers mate guess it'll be bluefin Do you know if theres any difference between the bluefin and the software they put on at the superchips dealers coz i know bluefin is just the portable version (well i think so)
      I also have a Green induction kit on..... will that make any difference ??
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        Just the bluefin makes a big difference i got that front decat remus one catback cobra catback and a hks mushroom filter off a subaru modified to fit sounds better than any dumpvalve i hit a artic 09 plate done the byepass lastnight go for it mate i love it.


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          Bluefin ordered direct from superchips today and should be here tomorrow
          Been told it should only take an hour in total to do the re-map
          Woohoo !!!