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What BHP & TORQUE are you running

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  • What BHP & TORQUE are you running

    As title says. What BHP & TORQUE are you running and by what tuner.
    Any list of your mods would be great too.
    Thanks for your input.

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    I would look at the turners website, lots of info on them.

    1. Thorney Motorsport -
    2. Courtenay Sport -
    3 Regal - . MPG use the same hardware, maps as regal.

    If you are looking at tuning your car, I would ring them and ask questions. Do not base you choice on what people say, as each person will say they current turner and this is where you need to do homework yourself.
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      but then each engine is different to see 4 stage 2 cars results from the same tuner would be a good comparison
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