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    Got my brand new tyres fitted this afternoon, went for Four Falken 452's in 225/35/18 and i paid £102.50 each (£410) all fully fitted/balanced etc, good deal you guys think? Ive had a few nightmares over the last few weeks with my car, 1st being gearbox going, then i went through 3 locking keys due to garages putting my locking wheel nuts on too tight. Went to paint my calipers the other day only to find vauxhall had put my drivers side front locking nut on too tight again, which damaged my key. They said to me that they wanted £114 to get it off and replace the locking nut. Anyway i told them no as i was not willing to pay that stupid price, and the garage who fitted my tyres today got it off at no extra charge, even though they had a bit of a nightmare getting it off. Im gonna paint my calipers on monday so ill post pics as soon as i finish them, car is also going into vauxhall for a new clutch release bearing and air con pipe on tuesday. So things are starting to look up again for my car. Happier Days .

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    My bro got a mot centre i get the same tyre £80.29 each and i fit and balance them myself good grippy tyre don't last to long though


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      Glad things are looking up for you mate.

      Tyre wise would have worked out about £50 cheaper if you went to camskill, they are £83.30 a corner delivered on there and then around £10 a corner to fit and balance. Either way the price to paid is not too bad.

      They are not a bad tyre for the money actually.


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        Good to hear mate. Im still looking at tyres and am tempted by these... Let me know what you think
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          Hi, I have used Conti 2 & 3 & Toyos & find the Falkens are lasting much longer. Have only managed 6K miles from the other brands though.
          Perhaps Falkens are not quite as good on damp roads.


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            I was gonna get these, but managed to haggle p zeros downs to £125 each for 2 including fitting and that in the same size as you. I'd he interested to hear how good the falkens are also


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              i payed 62 for my fk452's recently (3weeks ago ) from cams skill 240 ish delivered


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                got them on the front of mine and got about 4-5mm left on them and i've done 8k on them already! really good in all conditions tbh! same level of grip as the conti 2's in dry and a tad less then them in the wet!

                just be careful for the 1st 200 miles on them as they are pretty slippy when new on damp roads