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Petrol Smell from air con vents

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  • Petrol Smell from air con vents

    Hi, i now have a petrol smell when the air conditioning is on from the heater/ac vents.

    Always give 2 clicks to the fuel cap.
    Car was warmed up
    If i give it a blip to accelerator to 4000rpm its smells more.
    No leaks under the car, no smell from the bonnet or outside the car.
    about 27000 Km, car from November 2008.

    Any clues? something to check? Maybe someone already had this?
    Would someone please point me which tubes to check?
    Thanks in advance.
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    i give mine 6 clicks just to be safe lol...
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      I´ve just gone to gas station, filled it ( noticed the fuel cap was loose not full loose but not tighten up with the 2 clicks, went to have ride, when it got warm 95 water temp, and about 10 min after gave it a good blast and now it didnt had the fuel smell anywhere. So maybe it was the fuel cap ( as a lot of threads here), but if it was the fuel cap why did i notice it trough the vents?

      6 clicks? My dealer told me 2 clicks when i bought it
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        2 clicks is plenty. Could be the fuel, some burn stronger than others, or so I've heard lol. Just keep a eye out for the smell again.


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          i found i had this at one point with my car then read on here that the seal on the fuel cap is common to go and leak which gives you that smell of petrol in the end i just pushed the fuel cap in and gave 2-3 clicks just to make sure ever since then no more smells

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            Refilled up today again, gave it 3 clicks, no smell up to now.

            Thanks for all the answers.
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