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  • Courtenay sport

    Hi im currently looking at buying a dump valve and the silicone hose for it, any ideas what dump valve they use in there kit?

    i have emailed them more than likely wont have a reply today, did want to order it tonight if its the baileys dv26 1.

    any1 orderd from them?

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    go to the vxr tuning section and select corsa. i think its near the bottom


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      Dump Valve without Fitting Kit

      Product Information

      For use with silicone dump valve take off hoses.

      We only recommend the fitment of a Twin Piston Dump Valve as this will not affect airflow metering. The Dump Valve is capable of releasing a higher volume of air than the standerd GM Vauxhall unit. It has the added benefit of producing an audible "whoosing" sound.

      Supplied WITHOUT T-piece fitting kit for use with our silicone dump valve take off hoses, but includes vacuum pipe and t-piece.

      Astra G/Mark 4 Petrol 2.0 Turbo Z20LET - Hatch, Coupe, Convertible
      Zafira A Petrol 2.0 Turbo Z20LET
      Astra H/Mark 5 Petrol 2.0 Turbo Z20LEL/Z20LER
      Astra H/Mark 5 Petrol 1.6 Turbo Z16LET
      Astra VXR 2.0 Turbo Z20LEH
      Zafira B 2.0 Turbo Z20LER
      Zafira VXR 2.0 Turbo Z20LEH
      Corsa SRi 1.6 Turbo Z16LEL
      Corsa VXR 1.6 Turbo Z16LER


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        on here or courtenay?


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          on the courts website mate.. it doesnt actually say what the make is though.
          phone them first thing in the morning mate. then just order it over the phone if its the right one. If you ordered it tonight it would get processed until tomoz anyway .
          01692 404313