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What are the corsa vxr like on fuel

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  • What are the corsa vxr like on fuel

    Hello peeps been thinking of geting a corsa vxr what sort of miles can you get mpg etc what they like on fuel.

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    Have a search mate theres slot on this.

    I get about 18-20 pushing it pretty hard an about 30 day to day. People claim upto 42 on s steady motorway drive also.

    You don't but a corsa VXR for the MPG


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      use mine for shorter journey through town long enough to be run properly and i get about 25 mpg. but i had a vr6 golf before which did the same, so for short journeys its not amazing. on a motorway though on a long drive its pretty good not unusual to see 40 mpg


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        cheers for leting me know.


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          dont bother thinking about fuel mate!! think about the car and the smile you'll have on your face when u put your foor down haha


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            totally agree there,ive never bothered to look at trip computer for mpg,prob never will.its all about the fun factor,ive just changed from a mapped megane 230 to the vxr so its a huge drop in power but there was no fun with megane ,the wee corsa is heaps of fun so far and there arent any new red ones in dundee yet,i think it seems good on fuel so far