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Friend wants to order VXR

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  • Friend wants to order VXR

    I have a friend that wants to order a Corsa VXR. I am trying to help him.
    When I bought my Astra VXR I got £2k off before the release of the car.

    I cant see that happening with this car, but would hope there is some sort of discount.

    1. Need a good dealer to place an order with, with some sort of deal.

    2. If the order was placed this week, any guesses on delivery?

    3. When will the exact price and optional extras be released.



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    The spec is now out and dealers should have them, but im sure some dealers are slower than others. and wont have a clue about the car.

    As forthe wait, the first are not due to be released until march, but then you have to consider the fact it is a brand new car and thet always have delays and/or teething problems. Some people on here waited for their Astra when they were a new build for over 6 months! It may not be that long, but you will have to prepare for the possibilty.


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      i work in new car sales ...

      latest info ... cars will be available from end of march.

      cannot place an order yet as order bank not open - no prices have been released other than for the options.

      colours released, extrerior / interior trim details released.

      discounts ... good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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        And what are the colours?