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Top job on my car!

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  • Top job on my car!

    Just wanted to say a real big thank you to Warren and Rich (WG Motoworks and Rabbid Remaps)

    My car went to Warren with lowish compression on cylinder 1, losing oil and a lot of cylinder scoring.

    The plan was to forge it all so it wouldn't break again! Warren cracked it all open and turned out to be a bent conrod. Not sure how the engine was still running!

    In any case the engine was a lot smoother but still had issues.

    After bedding it in it went back for the remap and larger injectors.

    Rabbid got it on his computer and looked at the previous map that was there. Turns out the map wasnt ideal in the slightest. It was asking the turbo to do quite a bit to say the least. It also wasn't very smooth, hence the issues after the forging etc. Also, the injectors were maxed out - despite me originally being told they were well within the tolerances!!!

    In any case, this has been sorted!

    Warren done a spectacular job on the engine and Rich has put an amazing map on the car. Rich also spent the time telling me step by step exactly what he was doing and why!

    Just wanted to let everyone know what a top job they done!

    Thanks guys!!!
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    Another happy customer
    FRESH Clique 24 (24 hours)
    WG Motorworks - RABBID REMAP
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        And it got a special clean
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