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Changing the headunit

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  • Changing the headunit

    Changing head unit
    Hi, i currently have the stock cd30 head unit with the bc button and large grid screen. I've added a sub to this headunit via a rca converter, which to be fair sounds ok but I know I'm not getting the full potential of my vibe speakers and sub woofer.

    Anyway I've been offered by a mate, a brand new pioneer single din stereo and single din fascia for my car for free, due to him changing his mind and keeping his corsa standard to sell.

    Before I fit it, I just wondered if anyone has a picture of how a single din will look in the center console, preferably in black, as that's my console colour (see pic above).

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    Did you purchase the Vibe speakers from Halfords?

    The single Din unit should be okay but would look to "basic" for me, personally I would go for a double din (subject to funds) this would look far better and also compliment the centre console a whole lot better, along with providing far more power to the Sub (if that is your main aim)

    I don't have any pics because I have an Astra Burg But I've sourced some of Google. One of the pics is taken from a standard Corsa D, but you should be able to get the jist of what it looks like.

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      This is what you want.

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        Single din just doesn't look good in these cars imo.


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          thanx for the pics,
          I can see it might look abit weird compared to a double din.
          I'm having second thoughts about fitting the single din unit now.

          And yes, I did get my vibe speakers from halfords, they was on offer ages ago so I bought a set for the front and rear, loads better than the standard ones.
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            best head unit for the Corsa

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