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Corsa vxr decat advice with bluefin remap

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  • Corsa vxr decat advice with bluefin remap


    I am thinking of putting on a decat to my vxr. It already has a scorpion cat back on but with a standard cat.

    I've heard adding a decat will make the lamber sensor light come on, so I was going to use a bluefin remap tool to bring it to stage 1

    Will this prevent the light coming on and sort problems that may occur from the decat?

    All advice will be appreciated


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    It will do pal.. After a certain amount of miles

    Personally would stay away from blue Fins. Nothing beats a custom map for your car and as it's just flashing the ecu with a bluefin I don't know if it would take the Eml light off.

    As when you get a custom map they programme it in to Accrpt it bud


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      Thanks for the reply! What's your view on just a bluefin remap and not adding a decat?


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        Originally posted by Georget543 View Post
        Thanks for the reply! What's your view on just a bluefin remap and not adding a decat?

        Tbf mate I personally wouldn't get one. As it's not a custom map I think it's more a generic map. Also id be very warey on where I went for a custom map. Theirs so many reputable tuners up and down the country. I see it as the same principle as when I got my tattoo.. I'd rather go to someone and pay that bit extra and know my the work is gonna be spot on other that cheap out. Because if something goes wrong that cheap out could cos you ££ in repairs.

        I'd say wait, if you don't quite have the money be patient Untill you do. I made a 7 hour joinery for mine, I could of done a 2 hour and gone to RS tuning in Leeds. But thought I'd made a day of it in London too.. But that bit extra money went a long way and my car feels brilliant ! A friend of mine got a dodgy map and his piston is now bent. Just be careful buddy !


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          No the Bluefin won't keep the EML off.

          Bluefin is meant to be run on an otherwise standard engine - it does not take account of any performance modifications so running it with a decat will mean the car will drive worse than with the main cat in place. It *may* also result in engine issues.

          That said if you really want the decat then fit a £5 90 degree O2 spacer which will keep the EML light off until you can have a remap to suit your decat and other stuff.

          I have a Bluefin on my SRI and rate it, but thats on an otherwise standard engine - it would be daft to add one then drastically modify the car thinking everything will be ok.
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            Running a decay should be fine mate, I've had a decat on mine for ages on standard map. Just get a decent spacer, as long as the engine light doesn't come on the car will run the same. It only adjusts things when the light is on as the car has detected an issue