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Tips for installing centre exhaust piece

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  • Tips for installing centre exhaust piece

    Ive tried on 2 separate occasions now to remove the remus 3rd piece and put the standard centre section in to make my car a bit quieter. However i have been unable to remove it both times and given up!

    What is the correct procedure for removing the centre section of the exhaust, both times ive undone all of the bolts/hangers from behind the cat all the way to the backbox but the backbox didnt look like it would come out without removing the bumper.

    Should i have done it from the opposite end and dropped the cat first and go back from there? what about exhaust paste, there seems to be a lot of it on the remus 3rd piece, will this be an issue when removing or should it slide right on out? do i need to pick up some exhaust paste when putting the standard centre section back in?

    any input is greatly appreciated

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    pipe of the backbox has to be akwardly rotated round the axle. in order to help leverage, passenger rear wheel has to be jacked. hope this helps


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      Ahh i had the rear up on jack stands before and could not do it! i was wondering if the correct way would be to jack up the front and leave the backbox completely along and drop the cat


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        its tricky mate, you have to twist here and there until you get lucky - really


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          take it somewhere to get fitted
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            maybe ill try doing it from the cat side this time and if i fail ill get it somewhere to get fitted! im a bit skint at the moment so if i can do it myself i will!


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              I've had to adjust my exhaust again this weekend.

              The way the backbox goes over the axle has to the shitest design ever so I wouldn't be pissing about with that if you can help it.

              Best way IMO;
              - Drive front of car up on ramps.
              - Jack rear of car up and put it on axle stands.
              - Undo cat bolts from downpipe and clamp at centre section.
              - Undo exhaust brace.
              - Remove cat by spinning it/levering it up and down.
              - Remove backbox clamp
              - Use rubber mallet to smack centre section out of backbox.

              Yes you should use paste to refit the exhaust so it seals properly.

              Or just take it somewhere.
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                I did it exactly the way you said to except i didnt have ramps so only had the front on axel stands! Was a pig of a job, took the beset part of 4 hours due to having to stop because of a sudden downpour of rain! I also managed to snap on of the bolts on the downpipe so there is only currently 2 on there (had planned to put the last one in today but its raining! Im not convinced it 100% lines up as the bracket in the middle isnt exactly above where it connects on the exhaust, however its all together, not blowing and is much quieter than it was before which is what i wanted! Thanks for your help


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                  Glad you got it sorted (bar the bolts!)

                  Yeah it is a pig of a job depending how long the exhaust has been in place. At least you remus is stainless tho so not as much rust as you could have had with a standard exhaust.

                  4 hours tho - go grab a well earned beer!
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