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Rusted exhaust bolts

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  • Rusted exhaust bolts

    Was planning on putting my cobra main decat and remus 3rd piece on my Arctic today but the exhaust bolts on the clamps are rusted so much there was no chance I could get them off with the basic tools I have at home, any advice or is it worth taking it to an exhaust shop? TIA
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    Buy an angle grinder and cut them off then replace with new.

    For the price that'll cost i'd just cough up for a garage if I were you though.
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      Same here, would definitely recommend taking it to a garage rather than struggling to get underneath the car and to try and hold everything in place while fitting.
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        +1. Then if they screw it up they have to fix it!!


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          As you are asking the question, suggest you are not sure what to do,

          Take to a garage,


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            Rusted exhaust bolts

            I invested in a dremel for these jobs but if you just don't want the hassle, garage 👍🏼


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              Good old trust hacksaw, I dropped my back box and just cut at the bend, took me 5 mins lol

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                I had the same problem with a pipe I had but it was already off the car- took it to an ATS garage and they blasted it with a blow torch for a bit.. came undone easily after that!
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