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Traction Control Light Staying On

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  • Traction Control Light Staying On

    Afternoon All,

    This morning on my way into work, I noticed my traction control light was staying on and I was unable to turn it off with the usual button. No other lights are on.

    I've not changed anything on the car, But I did clean the alloys over the weekend with Autoglym Clean Wheels, Instant Tyre Dressing and a coat of Wheel Protector, and it also chucked it down with rain last night, so was wondering if any of this could have affected any sensors or something?

    I've been out at lunch and started the car up, and the light wasn't on, but am I right in assuming it wouldn't unless I was moving? (Didn't have time to take it out for a drive).

    Thanks in advance.

    ***EDIT*** Driving home afterwork, the light was off and all seemed normal. I'll put it down to the weather overnight/this morning, or something (MAF?) is possibly on its way out.
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    I've had the same issue couple times usually after accelerating bit too hard on a bit too bumpy road. Once right after starting the car. Restarting the car has fixed it every time and there doesn't seem to be any issue regarding the traction control. Dunno if it's anything serious since it happens pretty rarely. Would definitely like to hear if there's more to it.