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Been offered this Remus . . .

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  • Been offered this Remus . . .

    Hi, I have only the toyo precat on my z16ler, been offered this " Full remus "

    First does it look like a remus backbox although i cant see any logo and also, theyre asking for 300 bucks is this more or less on " nowadays range of 2nd hand prices" ?

    Also would this be the equivalent to the turbo back- real full system exhaust that i want and supposedly passes the MOT including the sports cat and silencer required ?

    I know remus only made the backbox back in the day but apart from the rest of the parts being added ... any thoughts ?

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    My remus has logo on backbox but I'm unsure if older products didn't have it, my remus 3 piece on a16 engine was 800 so 300 doesn't seem to bad on price for second hand
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      I thought all remus products had the logo stamped into them somewhere ??


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        Its on ebay now for anyone interested , and it does have the remus logo. I tried to buy it but no shipping to my country, only collection (Manchester
        Lancashire) so not for me.

        I would be interested if someone would have this system and willing to ship it overseas ( through ebay you just have to ship to uk global shipping center (Ebay uk Global shipping center) and that ebay center will handle the rest of the shipping)
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