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Corsa VXR Z16LER Limp Mode No OBD codes HELP!

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  • Corsa VXR Z16LER Limp Mode No OBD codes HELP!

    Hi guys just looking for some advise recently out of the blue the spanner light came up on my dash along with the ECU going into limp mode . I scanned it using my Bluetooth obd scanner and there was no codes I then used my friends dedicated port scanner and that also read no codes so I disconnected the battery and reset limp mode . It did not come back on for about 200 miles then on the motorway just cruising at 60mph had not driven it hard that trip the light appeared again . I went through all the sensors too see if their was a fault and I noticed that sensor 1 (The one in the pre-cat) is very erratic alternating between 0.1 and 0.8v under no load but then would hold stable at 0.7v under heavy load . I am not sure if this is the issue but there is no pending/permanent codes for this . I also have to mention that my clutch is on its way out and slips in6th gear under load but this surely cannot cause the car to go into limp mode . Also coolant temps seem okay 93-97c . Any advise on diagnosing this would be helpful . I am not a noob when it comes to the Z16LER I have rebuilt my previous VXR engine .

    Kind Regards, Jamie