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    Hi all,

    This is my first post.

    I've recently bought a 2010 (60 Plate) Corsa VXR.

    It's my first performance car and excited to be part of the community.

    Just wanted you options on if you think I had a good deal or any issues might come about so here it goes.

    I was on the lookout for a Corsa VXR or similar performance car. I owned a 2011 Vauxhall Corsa SRI 1.4 and was looking to upgrade.

    During March me and my dad happened to visit a few garages and spotted this one in the forecourt. I did an MOT history check, and it looked okay, the mileage was a little higher than I wanted but I was after one of these cars and this was the spec and colour I'd been looking for.

    I'd previously test drove a 2009 corsa vxr in black but price was a little high. This one was Arden Blue beauty. And priced at £4695 the other was black priced at 5995 (I think)

    So the car is a 2010 Vauxhall Corsa VXR in Arden Blue. It's completely stock.

    87,000 Miles when I bought it in March (Now 89,000)

    MOT till January 2020 (No advisories)

    No Service history! But the garage did service it when they got it in (Service and MOT)

    So they made a new service book wrote in what they did and stamped it fresh.

    (Oil Change, Oil Filter, Spark Plugs, Coolent and cambelt)

    7 Previous owners now I registered it (6 when I bought it)

    and they part ex my previous car 2011 corsa sri with 79,000 Miles for £2400

    So I paid £2095 cash with part ex

    The Spec is:

    2010 Corsa VXR

    Arden Blue

    18" Snowflake Alloys

    Rear privacy glass

    So did I get a reasonable deal what people think?

    Good Points:

    Completely standard car

    Good condition for the age, body work interior all good

    Bad Points:

    No Previous service history

    7 Previous owners

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    Some people may say for the miles and age that it may have been priced a little too high.

    But I think its around what the average is mate

    It's really down to whether you was willing to pay what you did and of course you did [emoji4] always helps when part ex because after that 2 grand doesn't seem that much

    Any pictures? Blue is a cool colour I like them.

    With the car that high in miles and age its always abit difficult to say how the car is health wise.

    May have been abused may not have been, good that a service was done and if all seems fine then happy days [emoji108]enjoy it mate

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      Sounds good mate get some pics up
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        My E has 5 former keepers and you are below average mileage so sounds ok to me.

        At least they've done the cambelt as well
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          Mileage is just a number mate. As long as it ‘feels’ ok to you and is good health etc, just enjoy it and continue to look after it and stuff. Get some pictures up
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            Cheap motor but.....

            My main concern with this, is the no service history (yes the garage did service it prior) along with the previous 6 owners. My point being, you don't know how much it has been "ragged" and the amount of "wear and tear" on the engine ect. As their is occasions, as to why various motors have no service history. Then again, they could be self serviced.

            I would personally get a trusted mechanic to have a thorough look over the engine ect for peace of mind.

            Then again, I could be wrong and it be a gleaming motor lol
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              Hi Guys,

              Thanks for the comments, sorry for the late reply, I was trying before but I think the site was having some issues as it was down.


              Still own this car, it's been a year now " 9th March " and a great one at that! So thought I'd provide an update.

              Car has not really given me any issues, well none really to speak of. Only thing I've had to replace is the Rear Disks and Pads, along with a offside rear Caliper (Apparently a common issue) General maintenance really. It's passed it's MOT in December, took it early it was due January. Passed first time no advisories might I add
              Just took it for a service the other week, and the lad pointed out it needed a front coil spring, so sourced one from ECP and he fitted it (Labour only)

              So all in all it's been a trouble free year of motoring with this car, no issues to speak of.

              Throughout the year it's been used daily, use it for my commute to and from work, and a bit of spirited driving at the weekends!

              Seems to be a thirsty guy, but was not expecting good fuel economy, but so far so good.

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                good good , always good seeing people enjoy their vxrs
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                  That's it bro, enjoy them while we can isn't it.


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                    Enjoy m8, ive had my 2010 VXR for about 6 months now and love it, courtney stage 2, bilstein and eibach suspension, uprated brakes. Great cars, just look after it, ive serviced mine twice already sine ive had it.


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                      top stuff, these are great cars for the money you'll love it I'm sure. So stage 2 is a remap and exhaust? If I'm correct. Was thinking about some mods, but I've been told leave it standard to avoid any issues and cause of the mileage now 93,000 don't think it's wise. When are your service intervals? Had mine serviced few weeks back 93,000 and was last done 87,000 which are a year apart. I'm only covering around 6000 miles a year too I guess once a year is enough (Service was Oil Change, Oil Filter, Air Filter, Pollen Filter)