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Another QH about rear spoiler.

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  • Longshanks
    A member called branco will explain better, but OPC's on mainland europe come with the smaller spoiler as standard and you can pay extra for the bigger one. My car is an OPC but because I'm in Ireland, mine is the same spec as the UK VXR's and has the larger spoiler as standard

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  • Ghent
    started a topic Another QH about rear spoiler.

    Another QH about rear spoiler.

    Hi again I know I ask too many questions but just go with it.

    As I can see from the pics here and there, there are two types of rear spoiler installed to VXR. One stands sticked to the roof,and the other one seems staying on two legs. (Well sorry for my english but I'm trying my best.)

    To show them: The first spoiler of the Steinmetz OPC, which I say the sticked one.

    The spoiler which I say it stays on two legs :

    Is the second one optional? Where may I buy it? No offical opel shop got em here

    OH god BTW Wrong place for asking,Could u please move the topic?