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intercooler+turbo hoses

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  • intercooler+turbo hoses

    Hi everyone...
    i noticed that i had very high temperatures. for example when i drive in a very aggressive way and i select 3rd gear i already have 68c degrees iat(intake air temperatures) with 30c degrees the stock ic doesnt help at all (temperatures after loggin' with my laptop)
    any suggestions???
    someone that has tested smth (regal-courtenay-etc) and he is pleased, i think he would help (if possible with numbers)
    i also would like to know if there are any turbo hoses for our car, cause the only thing i found was samco's coolant kit, which i believe its worthless...
    correct me if i am wrong

    thx a lot in advance
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    have a look here

    all the bits on that website site can be ordered and fitted here


    Voulalas Opel
    Protopapadaki 60-62
    11147 Athens

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    E-mail: [email protected]
    Contact: Manolis Voulalas
    Voulalas Opel, our appointed agents in Greece are able to offer a full range of Courtenay tuning products including ecu remapping
    for all your VXR tuning needs phone courtenays on 01692 404313 or vist


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      intercooler+turbo hoses

      courtenay do turbo hoses mate for about £200 but have a look on ebay as there has been a few sets for sale lately for £100+ got a set my self for £130.hope this helps


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        i believe the iat is read before the turbo prob by the air flow meter, so the reading you have is before the intercooler has done any work. Think how hot it is in your engine bay after giving it some beans.. All the components (pipes etc) are going to be hot and heat up the air which is why the air goes through the intercooler last before going into the inlet manifold. Someone please correct me if im wrong..

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          think you might be rite mate


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            too much money must be spent for courtenay here in Greece...
            intercooler for example costs about 1000 euro...
            yesterday i found this ---> (type
            and i might order it... seems to fit...
            a friend of mine (ibiza cupra remapped 1.8T) said that he bought one of these and the max temperatures he show was around 45c degrees in summer!!!


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              he saw those temps cause cupras's fmic are huge!! In comparison with that of forge you show us!


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                i have asked this question before and was told not to worry, the car will go safe before any damage is done


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                  Originally posted by gk002 View Post
                  he saw those temps cause cupras's fmic are huge!! In comparison with that of forge you show us!
                  no its not
                  its smaller than mine... lenth62cm width8cm height13cm
                  mine will be lenth68cm width8cm height20cm
                  how that sounds now??