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hey guys!!

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  • hey guys!!

    just joined the website as i am seriously considering buying a corsa vxr!

    im 19 years old and currently drive a saxo vts.

    anyone got any info on the corsa vxr as my local vauxhall dealer didnt really have much to say lol.

    im mikey by the way, pleases to meet you lot!

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    Its brilliant. Get 1!!!


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      I agree with that!

      Great looking, it doesn't weight very much, is small and has got 192PS power! 260NM torque (because of an overboost function) which is brilliant for 1,6 liter.
      Also the Corsa has got an awful interior. Full bucket seal with air back! Also new and different to the other VXR's: a steering wheel motorsport like. The carriage will be one of the best Opel ever produced! Tested many many kilometers on the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

      There's nothing you can do wrong by buying it!

      Maybe read this:

      Don't know if the rapidshare link still works.

      Oh and this:


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        I just say get one....


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          Also you got an awful interior
          your english needs some tweaking

          you wont go wrong with a corsa vxr. the new corsa alone is a brilliant motor


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            I'm sorry for that :? .
            Learning English in school doesn't make me speak it well .

            Just hope you can understand me!


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              cheers guys!!!!


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                Hiya Mikey!

                Im also getting a VXR and coming from a saxo VTS..

                Where are you from??


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                  I'd definytely say go for the VXR. ALways like it when companies bring out a high spec, sporty motor, but the Corsa really does look like something special!


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                    Whats that knob to the right of the gear stick on the first interior picture? Looks like a second gear lever :?


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                      Thats a Can drink holder thing...LOL 2nd gear stick you mad LOL


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                        welcome mikey blackburn boy hey ? my old man used to live there until he died just b4 xmas but my step mum lives there still grantham st you know it ? opposite the train station , i'm up there quite a lot in my vxr , not seen any at all there , you could be the first in the corsa
                        stealth no more but beware of the silver lightning GSI with vxr power


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                          Got one of those in the C2, its an ashtray, but shaped like a cup so it can sit in a cup holder, and be removed right out the car for cleaning!