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Price of a New Corsa VXR

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  • Price of a New Corsa VXR

    Hi All

    I just wondered what price people got their corsa for... if you dont mind saying of course.

    My girlfriend is going to order the following this saturday

    Corsa VXR
    18" wheels
    Climate Control
    Arden Blue

    On 0% finance



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    I didn't have the bluetooth and payed around 11700 with discount iirc


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      better dont say here how much i paid in me country for me Corsa...
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        where/how abouts did u get it for that price if u dont mind me asking


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          Had alot of discount and knew a few ppl!!! That was just the basic price though, as added on was delivery, tax etc....

          Can't remember what the final price was I just paid it and got the final £2000 on 0%


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            Id get pre registered or second hand you'd save about 3-4k

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              Originally posted by James_VXR View Post
              Id get pre registered or second hand you'd save about 3-4k
              That Really Most Be One The Best Ways To Buy It


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                Originally posted by James_VXR View Post
                Id get pre registered or second hand you'd save about 3-4k
                But then you wont get 0% so will cost you just as much if not more

                If you can afford a big deposit get it new on 0%.

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                  how much deposits was it for 0%?


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                    Originally posted by hardcore vxR View Post
                    how much deposits was it for 0%?
                    Believe its 20% dep 3yrs @ 0%

                    Even if you've got the cash you'd be daft not to take that up.

                    Cash in the bank earning interest and spoon feed Vx each month...
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                      It seems that second hand ones would save money initially however, by the time you have paid the finance off it works out around 1000 cheaper than buying a new one with the spec that she wants.

                      OK, let me put the deal on the table and see what people think

                      Arden Blue Corsa VXR
                      18" Wheel Upgrade
                      Electronic Climate Control
                      Bluetooth phone system

                      Car will be available in March so will be an 09 plate.

                      With GAP Insurance, Paint protection (Safegard) and tax, delivery, registration plates (so basically on the road)


                      The finance works out....

                      £3150 deposit

                      £350 x 36 @ 0% APR

                      Having been round about 3 different dealers, it seems this cannot be beaten.


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                        ive seen some on the autotrader website (can't remember the dealer name) pre reg but 0 miles for £13995, think it had 18's


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                          Try Aston Vauxhall

                          Doesnt matter about location as they will deliver.


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                            u missed afl headlghts,are great.


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                              sorry to drag this up again, however I just really want to know if this is a good price compared to what other people have paid for theirs. If people are not wanting to say publically then a PM would be great

                              johnny_vxr - I have AFL on my burg and it is pretty damn good to be honest, but the missus is not convinced.