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Painful !!!!!

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  • Painful !!!!!

    Had my beloved Corsa VXR twatted in my works car park this morning, smashed headlight, dented front bumper, dented and scrathed bonnet.

    NO HAPPY AT ALL !!!!!!!

    Admiral insurance have been great tho and I have a Courtesy Car already. VXR is due to be picked up later today and taken to a local bodyshop.

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    The important question is...Do you know who did it and have they admitted it?

    We have such a big car park here the you still get the hit and runners - Many a time you see a note on our discussion board saying "Who the f'k hit my car"


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      Aye the boy was good enough to try and find me, but I am still pritty f**kd off as its only 3 months old and it was my first brand new car out the showroom !!!!!!!!


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        ooo unlucky mate..
        people in our work park acroos two spaces to avoid idiots open doors into em etc but if you ask me there fe.ckin idiots!!


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          Ouch. Sorry to hear about your Corsa, Bud. It's good the guy admitted what he'd done, ..but it doesn't take away the fact that it's a real p*sser to see your pride and joy with lumps knocked out of it and to have to be without it, while it's repaired, etc. Why can't ppl just be MORE careful???
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