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Bailey D-Type twin piston dump valve

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  • Bailey D-Type twin piston dump valve

    hi could some lead me in the right direction , what does a panel filter do and whats the best one for the car, and oh whats a remap?

    How do you get the woosh sound? i am getting bangs and pops which are great at mo

    sorry if this has been asked before
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    yep pleanty threads on this.. Like i said before though think this is a question all newbies post as it usually a good 1st mod to get you started.
    Ive gota courtney panel filter others peeps have on here are k&n, ITG panels.
    When you fit a panel filter it frees up a bit more flow in the air box giving you a nice little woosh from the standard DV.
    A remap is software uploaded to your ECU telling your car to increase fuel flow, boost level etc to give your car more power. (bhp & torque)
    Search for panel filter threads there loads.
    Hope this helps for now


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      Use the search button mate as there is loads of threads on the questions you have asked.